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November 2008

Visit to India
Lara, the person in Italy in charge of Indian relations for overseas adoptions, went to India in November: she helped the local social assistants in monitoring each individual child, in order to update the adoptive parents on the progress of their own children in the Christmas newsletter. Before leaving she collected money from the adoptive parents with which she bought school materials, clothes, games for all the children, in India, in order not to create any differences between the children, all equally needy.  
She worked on updating the database, which once completed will be able to update the Italian office quickly on the progress of the children, on the urgent cases and on the needs which arise daily.
She created cloth sweet cushions, to be sold on internet to young couples: the profit to be donated to the School for Children children and also to create work for the girls, who having abandoned their studies, are attending the sewing and tailoring course, to make them independent and able to contribute to the family income.
Annual School for Children meeting – November 23rd
The School for Children annual meeting was held on Sunday, November 23rd , oriented towards adoptive parents and those who support and assist us in the various projects we have undertaken.
The meeting took place in the beautiful setting of the Atellani Mediateca, in Via della Moscova, in Milan, where the video shot by the film director Paolo Lipari on the journey in November 2007 was shown.
The projects carried out were presented, those currently being undertaken, the activities and initiatives already organized and still
to be organized in order to increase the number of adoptions and collect funds.

August 2008

Journey to India
In the month of August, as every year, some people went to India to gain experience on site: to personally get to know the context in which we operate, the people with who we collaborate and who we work with, and above all to meet the children, in the schools and villages.
The first group of 22 people, accompanied by Lara, the person in Italy responsible for relations with India for overseas adoptions, went to the Khammam and Wrangal region in Andhra Pradesh; aged between 30 and 70, they returned to Italy with emotions and experiences, of which we attach an extract hereunder.
A second group of two people accompanied by a volunteer, went to the places where School for Children operate, to get to know our projects, the people, the places and above all the children: to see from the enthusiasm that these journeys create in people every time they approach this reality for the first time, we invite you to follow their example!  pensierini dall'India

July 2008

Wedding gift for School for Children
A young couple dedicated part of their wedding gift list to collecting funds for Indian children who School for Children help. We wish to thank Camilla and Filippo for their generosity!

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