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November 2007

School for Children Video
Paolo Lipari, the film director from Como, made a video for School for Children: in November 2007 he went with a group of volunteers to visit the different projects to immortalize their reality with images which often words are not able to express. Life’s  moments, from lessons to playtime, from dancing to mealtimes. All always accompanied with wide smiles and immense friendship. See video


Press release

2007 TORTONA AREA DESIGN: School for Children supports the "Designer for Children" project and the "The Colour of Light" exhibition
In accordance with the ideals which inspired "Designer for Children", School for Children takes part in the event with a project devoted to the Indian continent children. During the design week, Milan reaffirms its international vocation for social issues.

Milano, march 2007

The project, promoted by School for Children, includes the building of 250 wells in 150 villages in the districts of Warangal and Khammam, in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India.
The State of Andhra Pradesh is characterized by a strong fluoride concentration in drinking water, which is the cause of dental and spinal fluorosis in millions of people. The maximum dosage established by the WHO (World Health Organization) is 1 PPM (1mg/L), whereas in some areas of Andhra State it may reach 25 PPM.
The beneficiaries of the project are 9000 families (each family is composed of 7 members on average) out of a total of 75 million state inhabitants.
It is an ambitious project - also for the availability of School for Children (Onlus - Social Utility Non Lucrative Organization) resources - but the intention is to have a very strong impact on the territory and to start a process which may involve families, in addition to children and adolescents, in order to improve the quality of life of this population.

Designer for Children is a source project conceived by La Locomotiva di Momo and Alkimia with the purpose to develop ideas able to solve, through projects, different problems concerning the relationship between children and the environment where they live, with particular attention to places destined to their growth.
"Designer for Children" is the result of a fusion between two applied subjects both aimed at safeguarding the quality of life: the pedagogical subject, which is the core of La Locomotiva di Momo (a trademark which has been working in the childhood sector since 1996 and has recently received an excellence award by the City Council of Milan) and the design subject which inspires Alkimia (a firm specialized in designing and rapid prototyping of products for design).

The "The Colour of Light" exhibition inaugurates the first edition of "Designer for Children" and presents a selection of objects and furniture conceived to be used by children. Children establish a relationship with light and colour and show curiosity towards these two elements: the interaction with the object is an opportunity to develop their sensory knowledge by means of touch and sight.
Designers confront children's curiosity and propose objects and furniture which arouse questions, and suggest answers...favouring children's action and thought in acquiring new abilities.

Alkimia, La Locomotiva di Momo and School for Children

The Colour of Light

18-23 aprile 2007

Service Centre
Banca Popolare di Milano
Via Massaua 6 - Milan

Opening hours: from 6.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.

Cocktail day: 20 aprile

School for Children results from the social commitment of a group of professionals and entrepreneurs who has acted in support of Indian children since 1973.
The association, founded in 2000, legally constituted in 2005 and recognized as Onlus organization in 2006, has the purpose to carry out activities in the sector of education and scholastic formation; in particular, it allows poor children of any nationality and religion to receive education such as to obtain a scholastic formation proportionate to their capacities, both in State and private schools. Today it is also committed in the professional training and health care sectors.

Alkimia, apart from being a laboratory of ideas and projects, is also a firm specialized in industrial prototyping of furniture and products for design. Along with the traditional mechanical techniques, the firm offers the most recent prototyping process technologies, combining innovation and versatility of shapes and uses. Alkimia is also design: the group managers (Mr. Matteo Tessera and Mr. Valerio Vinciguerra) have a strong vocation for industrial design and for experimentation of project contemporary languages. The company has also a strategic location: Meda (Mi), an industrial district which is famous worldwide.

La Locomotiva di Momo is a trademark which has worked in the sector of early childhood since 1996. Its activity is aimed at designing and running corporate and private nurseries. Among its creations, one is particularly remarkable: the corporate nursery of Banca Popolare di Milano - office of via Massaua 6, Milan: it has a strong impact, spaces are conceived to host the children of the bank employees. The project, due to its innovative idea and the original spaces created (architecture suspended between dream and reality) deserved the prestigious award for Excellence Nursery of the City Council of Milan. The mind of La locomotiva di Momo is Ms. Cinzia D'Alessandro, who has devoted, for a long time, particular care to the relationship between children and environment, by means of city projects which adopt design solutions able to meet specific childhood needs: children as a central point in the contemporary dialogue between architecture and pedagogy.

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